What's the secret to a great JCA dossier?

Superb ingredients.
A proven recipe.
A master chef.

The clock is ticking. From 2025 onwards all ATMPs and oncological drugs seeking access to the European market will have to submit a European Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) dossier. With the end of EUnetHTA21, most of the fundamental processes are in place with one thing becoming clear: following the finalisation of the PICO scoping process, pharmaceutical companies will only have 90 days to produce the final JCA dossier. 

To perfectly orchestrate all workstreams into this tight timeline, one needs robust, convincing evidence and a comprehensive strategy that can anticipate and prioritise likely scenarios. Only through such an approach one can achieve the desired national price. That is why numerus and SKC have combined their expertise in the collaborative solution – JCA90. With JCA90, we support our clients in mastering EU HTA.

Superb ingredients

A proven recipe

A master chef

Robust, convincing evidence

Comprehensive strategy