• July 2023 – JCAMD002 – Assessment Report
    The second JCA assessment report is now available. This evaluates the relative clinical effectiveness and safety of the Evoke spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system medical device in the target patient population against relevant comparators.
  • July 2023 – Parallel EMA/HTA body (HTAb) Scientific Advice during Interim Period post EUnetHTA 21
    The Parallel EMA/EUnetHTA 21 Joint Scientific Consultations (JSCs) under the EUnetHTA 21 service contract will have to be completed by September 2023 and all available slots have already been allocated. To bridge the interim period between the closure of EUnetHTA 21 and the full application of the HTA Regulation in January 2025, EMA and national HTAb will offer Health technology developers (HTDs) the opportunity for parallel scientific advice.